Interviews with ABC International Excellence Award Winners - Taylor & Francis and NNELS

February 3, 2022

The International Publishers Association (IPA) recently interviewed the winners of the 2021 ABC International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing.  

The interview with Brianna Walker of Taylor & Francis Group in the United Kingdom explores the publisher’s exciting work to advance accessibility in the publishing industry.  IPA also discusses with Daniella Levy-Pinto of the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) in Canada about the innovative work NNELS is doing to promote born accessible publishing practices and an inclusive reading landscape.

Brianna Walker of Taylor & Francis
Brianna Walker of Taylor & Francis (Photo: Courtesy of Taylor & Francis)
Daniella Levy-Pinto of NNELS standing between shelves of library books
Daniella Levy-Pinto of NNELS (Photo: Courtesy of NNELS)